Air Lift Underground

Who Am We?

We know what you’re thinking. Who’s to blame for this madness?

The answer is simple, yet complex. Obvious, yet obscure. Well, no need to wonder anymore.

Air Lift Underground Living Theater is a concept-juggling exercise in absurdity, featuring a team of partially fictional characters writing their own script. With the help of our imaginary friends, imaginative community, and assorted ethereal nonentities, this play practically creates itself.

It’s magic!

Amana Mission, protagonist, publisher, and production manager, is the symbiotic satirist who shifts between layers of reality to materialize the ephemeral, metastasize the intangible, and choreograph the orchestra of oddballs involved in this twisted endeavor. She is an expert nasal gazer and some say she invented the pun.

Indi Riverflow is the ridiculous nom de plume selected by the gonzo bonkers wordslinger who channeled the script from the unborn ghost of futures past, using high-tech Ouija technology. The playwright and librettist was previously author of three volumes of lyric verse, a book of radical political agitation, and a trilogy of unspeakably strange “novels”, before finally settling on being a dramatic medium. Indi is committed to this vision, and to staying out of the rubber room this time.

Air Lift Underground Living Theater:


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